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Smoke & Mirrors

1-Feb-23  22-Feb-23
Smoke & Mirrors

Use at least one mirror to take a picture with you or your partner, or both in it. Two or more mirrors will get more judging points. AND smoke must be in the picture too, use an incense stick, bunt newspaper, a fog machine, a blown out candle, set the couch on fire. Smoke can be made and is required.
"NN" and "User Name" required to be written on a nekid body. [and legible]

Entries will be judged on merritt, quality, artistic content and wow factor. Bonus points awarded if there is more than one mirror and creative
use/production of smoke..

Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into, any one suspected of using a photo edit program shall be disqualified and reported to the authorities.
This competition was judged by Wodja and the winner received a prize of 50 nudles!
Congratulations to the winner, Sassypants!