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Seen THRU wet Fabric

7-May-23  21-May-23
As the weather warms in the northern hemisphere, and much of the southern isn't yet cold..... time to get wet!

Everyone has fabric that gets sheer when wet, everyone has water in some form, beer, wine, yak's milk....... whatever...... and everyone has imagination and a camera :)

Enter whatever pics you like, but the winning entry WILL have NN on the picture subject's skin (or NN props) and WILL involve seeing your sexy body THROUGH wet fabric.

Got lots of ideas? Enter lots of pics = easy.

The prize will be 50 Nudles - and a big thank you to Juicy for donating 25 to the cause, and NN for the rest.
This competition was judged by numbNNuts and the winner received a prize of 50 nudles!
Congratulations to the winner, Lele_mi!