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Boots n Jeans

23-May-23  19-Jun-23
I love Boots and Jeans!

Show us what you've got! Post a pic (or a few pics) showing your sexiness in your fav pair of boots (cowboy, work boots, dressy, thigh highs..whatever you like) and jeans - or at least some kind of denim material...since maybe not everyone has jeans (what?)!

Please make sure you post the pic using the competition link (or I may not see it) and include a lil nudity & a lil NN somewhere in the pic.

Creativity is a plus and "teasy" will get lots of points! *grin*

My #1 photo entry pic will earn 50 Nudles, I'll throw in another 10 nudles each for my 2nd & 3rd place choices.

I can't wait to see these!
This competition was judged by GottaBeMe and the winner received a prize of 50 nudles!
Congratulations to the winner, Petiteaurora!