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Jiggling Butts .GIF [or Twerking Butts .GIF]

8-Oct-23  7-Nov-23
Self explanatory, a .GIF of a Jiggling Butt with "NN" one "N" written on each cheek. Or a Twerking Butt .GIF, same deal one "N" on each cheek.

Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into, any one suspected of using a photo edit program shall be disqualified and reported to the authorities.
BONUS judging points awarded for a "Seamless Transition from finish to Start" as a .GIF is a continual ''loop'' without a start or finish.

Happy .GIFing

This competition was judged by Wodja and the winner received a prize of 100 nudles!
Congratulations to the winner, seductivestacia!