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Sex with an older woman
Originated by oap666
7 replies, 5,617 views.
Last post 21-Apr-24 20:31 by njbbwguy
21-Apr-24 20:31
by  njbbwguy
Fulfilling my cock sucking Bi fantasy
Originated by Tsunami999
3 replies, 1,357 views.
Last post 21-Apr-24 20:13 by njbbwguy
21-Apr-24 20:13
by  njbbwguy
The first time a sucked a cock.
Originated by JJDadBod
2 replies, 243 views.
Last post 21-Apr-24 19:55 by njbbwguy
21-Apr-24 19:55
by  njbbwguy
My GF cucked me with my friend
Originated by Redgums
1 replies, 190 views.
Last post 21-Apr-24 15:16 by loveporn78
21-Apr-24 15:16
by  loveporn78
Couple here with an Exhibitionist Bi Female, should we write the erotic stories behind some of our v
Originated by YourEuroGirl
7 replies, 690 views.
Last post 20-Apr-24 05:57 by SeniorPantyLover
20-Apr-24 05:57
by  SeniorPantyLover
The confessions of a Male Stripper ...
Originated by Leatherzzz
6 replies, 1,408 views.
Last post 12-Apr-24 03:24 by MattCazzo
12-Apr-24 03:24
by  MattCazzo
First time you swallowed cum
Originated by Bang33
13 replies, 5,796 views.
Last post 10-Apr-24 23:53 by pmdnaa
10-Apr-24 23:53
by  pmdnaa
Fucking a married woman
Originated by longtom2232
67 replies, 16,487 views.
Last post 9-Apr-24 20:40 by pmdnaa
9-Apr-24 20:40
by  pmdnaa
Amsterdam humiliation day 1
Originated by Rubyrebasissy74
2 replies, 766 views.
Last post 5-Apr-24 14:25 by jimm
5-Apr-24 14:25
by  jimm
I held his...
Originated by surferjen
7 replies, 1,892 views.
Last post 2-Apr-24 10:47 by lipsforlips
2-Apr-24 10:47
by  lipsforlips
Daytona Dirty Slut
Originated by onewettpussy
2 replies, 854 views.
Last post 31-Mar-24 19:18 by YourEuroGirl
31-Mar-24 19:18
by  YourEuroGirl
Super Bowl party tease
Originated by Bucky66
1 replies, 509 views.
Last post 26-Mar-24 11:57 by crazy17222
26-Mar-24 11:57
by  crazy17222
Sharing my wife with a buddy…
Originated by vouyer124
3 replies, 1,057 views.
Last post 22-Mar-24 15:09 by missjones48
22-Mar-24 15:09
by  missjones48
Our first but not last threesome
Originated by Runt13
15 replies, 6,495 views.
Last post 20-Mar-24 15:30 by muccum
20-Mar-24 15:30
by  muccum
Being teased
Originated by Justanotherday44
4 replies, 852 views.
Last post 11-Mar-24 19:05 by AverageJoe2000
11-Mar-24 19:05
by  AverageJoe2000
How my perversion began
Originated by liston
0 replies, 591 views.
Last post 10-Mar-24 18:51 by liston
10-Mar-24 18:51
by  liston
I derive pleasure from being a cuck.
Originated by cuckhubbyandhotwife
0 replies, 523 views.
Last post 6-Mar-24 17:29 by cuckhubbyandhotwife
6-Mar-24 17:29
by  cuckhubbyandhotwife
Eating my boss
Originated by Bucky66
1 replies, 819 views.
Last post 5-Mar-24 20:42 by AverageJoe2000
5-Mar-24 20:42
by  AverageJoe2000
Porn & Pantyhose
Originated by Bucky66
1 replies, 311 views.
Last post 1-Mar-24 10:59 by crazy17222
1-Mar-24 10:59
by  crazy17222
Truth or dare parts 1,2 & 3
Originated by Redgums
4 replies, 1,642 views.
Last post 24-Feb-24 19:45 by Texas69
24-Feb-24 19:45
by  Texas69
Taylor, Gene,and Shelly
Originated by Mightymac218
0 replies, 573 views.
Last post 20-Feb-24 16:10 by Mightymac218
20-Feb-24 16:10
by  Mightymac218
Wife's fantasy comes true
Originated by theg3964
2 replies, 1,614 views.
Last post 19-Feb-24 16:03 by Mightymac218
19-Feb-24 16:03
by  Mightymac218
Wife Swap/ Hubby Swap....The reunion!
Originated by one_cunning
17 replies, 6,236 views.
Last post 16-Feb-24 23:23 by Akeyesx
16-Feb-24 23:23
by  Akeyesx
Amsterdam and humiliation
Originated by Rubyrebasissy74
2 replies, 840 views.
Last post 13-Feb-24 00:40 by soul69
13-Feb-24 00:40
by  soul69
MILF gives me "Fuck therapy" after a bad breakup
Originated by Bucky66
2 replies, 1,065 views.
Last post 12-Feb-24 15:15 by Bucky66
12-Feb-24 15:15
by  Bucky66
I'm seeking erotic stories correspondence with a like minded female
Originated by pussypirate44
2 replies, 752 views.
Last post 11-Feb-24 06:51 by pussypirate44
11-Feb-24 06:51
by  pussypirate44
Looking for female for Erotic Story Sharing and Chat
Originated by pussypirate44
0 replies, 113 views.
Last post 10-Feb-24 17:35 by pussypirate44
10-Feb-24 17:35
by  pussypirate44
I wasn’t a naughty nurse, but thought about it
Originated by privatecouple22
4 replies, 1,246 views.
Last post 24-Jan-24 18:30 by Bucky66
24-Jan-24 18:30
by  Bucky66
Originated by Slutty_on_NN
7 replies, 2,185 views.
Last post 21-Jan-24 11:53 by plezurpilot
21-Jan-24 11:53
by  plezurpilot
MY GF’s BFF watched my GF ride my cock as she showers
Originated by Hung2Left
0 replies, 867 views.
Last post 17-Jan-24 07:53 by Hung2Left
17-Jan-24 07:53
by  Hung2Left
As soon as I...
Originated by surferjen
2 replies, 1,100 views.
Last post 15-Jan-24 17:10 by AverageJoe2000
15-Jan-24 17:10
by  AverageJoe2000
Playing pool
Originated by theg3964
0 replies, 851 views.
Last post 7-Jan-24 21:43 by theg3964
7-Jan-24 21:43
by  theg3964
Young vs Old
Originated by master.paul
9 replies, 4,013 views.
Last post 5-Jan-24 07:11 by dirtynany
5-Jan-24 07:11
by  dirtynany
I surprised us both...
Originated by CarawayNick
4 replies, 1,313 views.
Last post 4-Jan-24 21:17 by theg3964
4-Jan-24 21:17
by  theg3964
Roommate fucks her BF while I watch
Originated by Bucky66
2 replies, 1,141 views.
Last post 2-Jan-24 22:00 by Bucky66
2-Jan-24 22:00
by  Bucky66
Originated by bronzednomore
3 replies, 2,359 views.
Last post 16-Dec-23 22:51 by Candy52958
16-Dec-23 22:51
by  Candy52958
Fucking GF as we watch our own porn video
Originated by Bucky66
7 replies, 735 views.
Last post 13-Dec-23 02:43 by Bucky66
13-Dec-23 02:43
by  Bucky66
Friday night party time
Originated by theg3964
0 replies, 763 views.
Last post 10-Dec-23 20:28 by theg3964
10-Dec-23 20:28
by  theg3964
Public View
Originated by Mildred
7 replies, 3,359 views.
Last post 9-Dec-23 19:11 by Candy52958
9-Dec-23 19:11
by  Candy52958
Meeting Jen
Originated by Letsplaydinosaur
1 replies, 1,060 views.
Last post 5-Dec-23 20:10 by Candy52958
5-Dec-23 20:10
by  Candy52958
Wife has her first hotwife Experience- A true story
Originated by mcdau
1 replies, 1,371 views.
Last post 5-Dec-23 20:03 by Candy52958
5-Dec-23 20:03
by  Candy52958
Lust after death 2
Originated by Rubyrebasissy74
1 replies, 506 views.
Last post 5-Dec-23 11:46 by crazy17222
5-Dec-23 11:46
by  crazy17222
Kissing, Touching, Oil`s & Fucking
Originated by 87toy93
0 replies, 406 views.
Last post 29-Nov-23 19:42 by 87toy93
29-Nov-23 19:42
by  87toy93
Truth or dare without the truth
Originated by BerryMcCoknu
3 replies, 1,764 views.
Last post 27-Nov-23 23:46 by hothardvic
27-Nov-23 23:46
by  hothardvic
College GF now a MILF
Originated by Bucky66
7 replies, 2,372 views.
Last post 27-Nov-23 20:08 by Bucky66
27-Nov-23 20:08
by  Bucky66
Sometimes you just have to
Originated by Letsplaydinosaur
1 replies, 861 views.
Last post 22-Nov-23 12:53 by Msh1313
22-Nov-23 12:53
by  Msh1313
First wank buddy ...
Originated by Leatherzzz
4 replies, 1,037 views.
Last post 19-Nov-23 20:07 by Leatherzzz
19-Nov-23 20:07
by  Leatherzzz
Teen Marriages Trending
Originated by bcfunburst
0 replies, 546 views.
Last post 19-Nov-23 08:56 by bcfunburst
19-Nov-23 08:56
by  bcfunburst
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