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Non sexual spouse
Originated by marriedbi52
8 replies, 2,583 views.
Last post 8-Nov-23 13:24 by PapaJim69
8-Nov-23 13:24
by  PapaJim69
Originated by xentah
8 replies, 2,942 views.
Last post 25-Jul-23 01:25 by raylynn99
25-Jul-23 01:25
by  raylynn99
Older friend who confounds me
Originated by lejardine8188
1 replies, 381 views.
Last post 17-Jul-23 15:36 by jamestangled5956
17-Jul-23 15:36
by  jamestangled5956
Cuckold Boyfriend being Jealous
Originated by Thirstyslutroni
1 replies, 557 views.
Last post 6-Jul-23 15:42 by PhallicSupermacyOne
6-Jul-23 15:42
by  PhallicSupermacyOne
Escorting wife.
Originated by LolaAce
1 replies, 462 views.
Last post 5-Jun-23 04:14 by exhibitionistDuo
5-Jun-23 04:14
by  exhibitionistDuo
Originated by bigguy1953
20 replies, 5,011 views.
Last post 22-Feb-23 16:00 by bigguy1953
22-Feb-23 16:00
by  bigguy1953
whos fucked my wife
Originated by yorksmale_uk
13 replies, 3,017 views.
Last post 21-Feb-23 11:52 by Bedfordshiremale
21-Feb-23 11:52
by  Bedfordshiremale
Wife sexting a friend
Originated by lefty4562
15 replies, 2,192 views.
Last post 12-Feb-23 07:10 by MelbNudistCpl
12-Feb-23 07:10
by  MelbNudistCpl
Can u date someone you find TOO attractive?
Originated by Sir_Cum
14 replies, 4,086 views.
Last post 6-Nov-22 00:18 by kokolalayo
6-Nov-22 00:18
by  kokolalayo
Sugar dating
Originated by Sigurd27
5 replies, 2,763 views.
Last post 23-Oct-22 12:29 by OtherDolphin110
23-Oct-22 12:29
by  OtherDolphin110
How soon to start dating after loss
Originated by doritoStyle
0 replies, 664 views.
Last post 17-Oct-22 05:58 by doritoStyle
17-Oct-22 05:58
by  doritoStyle
sex with strangers
Originated by debbieshyy
5 replies, 4,888 views.
Last post 6-Jul-22 04:39 by sexualogic1
6-Jul-22 04:39
by  sexualogic1
Originated by Bikerdik71
0 replies, 750 views.
Last post 29-Jun-22 22:24 by Bikerdik71
29-Jun-22 22:24
by  Bikerdik71
Delayed or No Ejaculation and Dating
Originated by ifotou
2 replies, 1,187 views.
Last post 19-Jan-22 22:49 by ifotou
19-Jan-22 22:49
by  ifotou
How do you get over trust issues?
Originated by xThe1x
6 replies, 1,634 views.
Last post 16-Aug-21 23:02 by RavingLunatic
16-Aug-21 23:02
by  RavingLunatic
Originated by FederalBison206
1 replies, 1,273 views.
Last post 14-Jul-21 16:23 by just2doit
14-Jul-21 16:23
by  just2doit
Originated by like2pleaseu_uk
5 replies, 3,366 views.
Last post 1-Jun-21 18:40 by wolfcouple
1-Jun-21 18:40
by  wolfcouple
Age-difference sex and marriage.
Originated by JackMasterForever
3 replies, 1,999 views.
Last post 24-May-21 22:29 by wolfcouple
24-May-21 22:29
by  wolfcouple
Indian Bull looking cuckold couples
Originated by IndianFucker
0 replies, 1,260 views.
Last post 14-Mar-21 16:59 by IndianFucker
14-Mar-21 16:59
by  IndianFucker
Does This Girl Like Me...
Originated by MythicCreature
2 replies, 2,447 views.
Last post 28-Oct-20 16:27 by Stillkickin
28-Oct-20 16:27
by  Stillkickin
Originated by afrobbc
0 replies, 1,364 views.
Last post 30-Aug-20 17:05 by afrobbc
30-Aug-20 17:05
by  afrobbc
Seperated / Break up
Originated by ukprincey
16 replies, 4,849 views.
Last post 1-Jun-20 02:26 by sanguineangel
1-Jun-20 02:26
by  sanguineangel
Have you ever screwed up royally?
Originated by T4Texas
8 replies, 3,408 views.
Last post 1-Jun-20 01:55 by stevenasty
1-Jun-20 01:55
by  stevenasty
Would it trouble you if your partner wanted to watch ultra-violent films?
Originated by Tepes1
1 replies, 2,306 views.
Last post 24-Apr-20 17:22 by stevenasty
24-Apr-20 17:22
by  stevenasty
Is it wrong...
Originated by turkish555
16 replies, 5,167 views.
Last post 12-Apr-20 17:38 by stevenasty
12-Apr-20 17:38
by  stevenasty
what is the proper limit for age when dating
Originated by lonelunatic
2 replies, 1,701 views.
Last post 31-Oct-19 08:37 by CaramelCuddle
31-Oct-19 08:37
by  CaramelCuddle
women like nice guys but fuck assholes
Originated by sailorman9000
50 replies, 6,684 views.
Last post 30-Jun-19 14:11 by stevenasty
30-Jun-19 14:11
by  stevenasty
Partner for vacationing India
Originated by sdolly00
0 replies, 1,416 views.
Last post 24-Jun-19 22:57 by sdolly00
24-Jun-19 22:57
by  sdolly00
marriage proposal
Originated by bigguy1953
2 replies, 1,759 views.
Last post 2-Jun-19 11:08 by Sir_Pumpy
2-Jun-19 11:08
by  Sir_Pumpy
Frequent references to an ex-partner - what it means?
Originated by Tepes1
4 replies, 1,754 views.
Last post 24-Sep-18 00:35 by Tepes1
24-Sep-18 00:35
by  Tepes1
Want to watch wife fucked
Originated by MyOZWife
8 replies, 3,134 views.
Last post 30-Aug-18 13:31 by ozzij
30-Aug-18 13:31
by  ozzij
Originated by calicali2012
3 replies, 2,023 views.
Last post 3-May-18 16:16 by marriedbi52
3-May-18 16:16
by  marriedbi52
My husband has no interest in sex!!
Originated by UrDirtySecret
7 replies, 3,281 views.
Last post 24-Sep-17 02:39 by MyOZWife
24-Sep-17 02:39
by  MyOZWife
Question for Females. 2 part question.
Originated by precumyum
14 replies, 4,282 views.
Last post 4-Apr-17 00:02 by Dragonheart68
4-Apr-17 00:02
by  Dragonheart68
how long is long enough?
Originated by bbw_luvva
5 replies, 2,792 views.
Last post 6-Dec-16 17:15 by Swede Woody
6-Dec-16 17:15
by  Swede Woody
Hard Topic To Discuss On a Sex Site
Originated by MASexybutt
2 replies, 2,323 views.
Last post 13-Oct-16 07:10 by catimann
13-Oct-16 07:10
by  catimann
would u suck hazels tits ?
Originated by carlstoke
4 replies, 2,892 views.
Last post 2-Jun-16 07:32 by thinkableme
2-Jun-16 07:32
by  thinkableme
Knowing what you want
Originated by like2pleaseu_uk
4 replies, 3,111 views.
Last post 27-Sep-15 01:12 by threedognight
27-Sep-15 01:12
by  threedognight
Same partner second-time around?
Originated by HughJardon
4 replies, 2,506 views.
Last post 24-Aug-15 13:41 by MarienHal
24-Aug-15 13:41
by  MarienHal
Originated by AussieVICBrad181
4 replies, 3,663 views.
Last post 2-Mar-15 12:57 by milfchaser
2-Mar-15 12:57
by  milfchaser
That sneaky relationship thing.
Originated by VTCali
0 replies, 2,564 views.
Last post 1-Jul-14 04:05 by VTCali
1-Jul-14 04:05
by  VTCali
What's the longest in a relationship you've waited to progress things?
Originated by unsullied
25 replies, 5,488 views.
Last post 29-May-14 22:49 by mellywarmhugs
29-May-14 22:49
by  mellywarmhugs
Need help
Originated by HornyVirgin21
6 replies, 3,304 views.
Last post 18-Apr-14 00:46 by licksipsuckit
18-Apr-14 00:46
by  licksipsuckit