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Eating pussy/ blow jobs
Originated by hillshooter
47 replies, 2,541 views.
Last post 22-Apr-24 01:42 by Mentor___01
22-Apr-24 01:42
by  Mentor___01
Women peeing
Originated by over60canada
4 replies, 192 views.
Last post 22-Apr-24 00:11 by ozzij
22-Apr-24 00:11
by  ozzij
Guys - would you suck another guy’s cock?
Originated by Msh1313
620 replies, 50,521 views.
Last post 21-Apr-24 19:06 by plainbill
21-Apr-24 19:06
by  plainbill
Originated by PhallicSupermacyOne
2 replies, 161 views.
Last post 21-Apr-24 06:35 by theroyalcouple
21-Apr-24 06:35
by  theroyalcouple
video taping
Originated by bearhugzz
15 replies, 882 views.
Last post 20-Apr-24 21:55 by JohnInCalifornia
20-Apr-24 21:55
by  JohnInCalifornia
Which of the 5 above would you fuck?
Originated by bondbill2k2
18,675 replies, 397,423 views.
Last post 20-Apr-24 19:36 by kll1000
20-Apr-24 19:36
by  kll1000
Would You Fuck The Person Above You?
Originated by Skynissis
33,515 replies, 612,390 views.
Last post 20-Apr-24 14:07 by PublicAdmiral992
20-Apr-24 14:07
by  PublicAdmiral992
Favorite position
Originated by Mightymac218
33 replies, 1,238 views.
Last post 20-Apr-24 01:49 by vinceoz2021
20-Apr-24 01:49
by  vinceoz2021
I don't Orgasm
Originated by WendySilvia
10 replies, 493 views.
Last post 20-Apr-24 00:06 by WendySilvia
20-Apr-24 00:06
by  WendySilvia
Smelling used panties
Originated by Corvet
44 replies, 3,157 views.
Last post 17-Apr-24 14:39 by Dannyboylou
17-Apr-24 14:39
by  Dannyboylou
Cum with anal masturbation.
Originated by Nudeboybrian
8 replies, 812 views.
Last post 17-Apr-24 02:14 by seattlcpl
17-Apr-24 02:14
by  seattlcpl
Guy, does your wife/girlfriend know you're bi? Is she?
Originated by pmdnaa
10 replies, 557 views.
Last post 16-Apr-24 13:41 by theroyalcouple
16-Apr-24 13:41
by  theroyalcouple
Men watching Men cum
Originated by misterwidget
130 replies, 10,628 views.
Last post 15-Apr-24 16:31 by StrongAlbatross945
15-Apr-24 16:31
by  StrongAlbatross945
Womens locker room
Originated by Hardman119
6 replies, 817 views.
Last post 15-Apr-24 01:55 by Hardman119
15-Apr-24 01:55
by  Hardman119
Who,s masturbating right now?
Originated by misterwidget
168 replies, 7,690 views.
Last post 14-Apr-24 13:18 by kinkywolf
14-Apr-24 13:18
by  kinkywolf
White girls with black men
Originated by 1joecool
7 replies, 629 views.
Last post 12-Apr-24 19:30 by vouyer124
12-Apr-24 19:30
by  vouyer124
Originated by Leedo123456
20 replies, 1,238 views.
Last post 12-Apr-24 18:47 by theg3964
12-Apr-24 18:47
by  theg3964
Largest age gap for sex you’ve had
Originated by Newyorkbass
40 replies, 2,068 views.
Last post 11-Apr-24 23:31 by PhallicSupermacyOne
11-Apr-24 23:31
by  PhallicSupermacyOne
Originated by SubUrban420
1 replies, 247 views.
Last post 11-Apr-24 06:05 by SubUrban420
11-Apr-24 06:05
by  SubUrban420
I love to masturbate on video chat
Originated by longdick6987
41 replies, 2,284 views.
Last post 11-Apr-24 05:35 by Stinger12345
11-Apr-24 05:35
by  Stinger12345
Do ladies like having their arse licked aswell as there pussy
Originated by twathunter22
36 replies, 1,444 views.
Last post 10-Apr-24 16:19 by bimarriedbottom
10-Apr-24 16:19
by  bimarriedbottom
Do women like a shaved Cock or "natural"
Originated by squirtingbusty
19 replies, 922 views.
Last post 8-Apr-24 20:05 by Raven2005
8-Apr-24 20:05
by  Raven2005
Originated by Bodine23
2 replies, 186 views.
Last post 8-Apr-24 13:56 by AstroPal99
8-Apr-24 13:56
by  AstroPal99
Fucket List
Originated by lobohunter
12 replies, 906 views.
Last post 8-Apr-24 07:54 by believer
8-Apr-24 07:54
by  believer
Online UK Roleplay - Hotwife/Cuck/Bull Fantasy, etc
Originated by Tonys199
0 replies, 68 views.
Last post 8-Apr-24 07:15 by Tonys199
8-Apr-24 07:15
by  Tonys199
Like watching a T. S. cumshots.
Originated by Nudeboybrian
7 replies, 697 views.
Last post 6-Apr-24 16:03 by kll1000
6-Apr-24 16:03
by  kll1000
Oval nipples
Originated by Hardman119
0 replies, 250 views.
Last post 2-Apr-24 17:26 by Hardman119
2-Apr-24 17:26
by  Hardman119
Originated by Hardman119
0 replies, 254 views.
Last post 2-Apr-24 17:25 by Hardman119
2-Apr-24 17:25
by  Hardman119
Mutual masturbation
Originated by 8inches73
5 replies, 484 views.
Last post 1-Apr-24 18:21 by AverageJoe2000
1-Apr-24 18:21
by  AverageJoe2000
Women with funky dyed hair and pubes
Originated by bostonirish82
5 replies, 424 views.
Last post 1-Apr-24 07:51 by lipsforlips
1-Apr-24 07:51
by  lipsforlips
Does Your Female Partner Webcam Live in NN Video Chat Room?
Originated by YourEuroGirl
0 replies, 137 views.
Last post 31-Mar-24 19:12 by YourEuroGirl
31-Mar-24 19:12
by  YourEuroGirl
Butthole Fetish
Originated by HornySlim
18 replies, 1,311 views.
Last post 31-Mar-24 18:57 by ChMotCh
31-Mar-24 18:57
by  ChMotCh
Big nipples
Originated by hairless1032
118 replies, 8,849 views.
Last post 31-Mar-24 12:15 by bimarriedbottom
31-Mar-24 12:15
by  bimarriedbottom
What is your fetish?
Originated by Mightymac218
201 replies, 17,268 views.
Last post 30-Mar-24 13:49 by RitaofTroy3
30-Mar-24 13:49
by  RitaofTroy3
Licking out own cum
Originated by sniffer07
32 replies, 1,180 views.
Last post 29-Mar-24 22:02 by theg3964
29-Mar-24 22:02
by  theg3964
Best part of giving a HJJ
Originated by firehandpump
4 replies, 469 views.
Last post 29-Mar-24 18:02 by dillaboy
29-Mar-24 18:02
by  dillaboy
bigger, smaller, or same as yours
Originated by boytoy469
6,172 replies, 130,023 views.
Last post 29-Mar-24 16:37 by dillaboy
29-Mar-24 16:37
by  dillaboy
Dying my cock hair?
Originated by herbiecock
10 replies, 344 views.
Last post 29-Mar-24 06:31 by 1maturebreeder
29-Mar-24 06:31
by  1maturebreeder
like myself who is bi and enjoys sex with same sex person
Originated by jimm
13 replies, 738 views.
Last post 27-Mar-24 20:38 by Jaguar54
27-Mar-24 20:38
by  Jaguar54
My new woman does it all
Originated by brandonvd
4 replies, 669 views.
Last post 27-Mar-24 20:07 by Jaguar54
27-Mar-24 20:07
by  Jaguar54
Originated by yorkierob
1 replies, 463 views.
Last post 27-Mar-24 00:58 by 1monte
27-Mar-24 00:58
by  1monte
Originated by albkkd234
6 replies, 1,247 views.
Last post 23-Mar-24 15:37 by sexyblond59
23-Mar-24 15:37
by  sexyblond59
For those 60 and over
Originated by wn0tjf
36 replies, 3,452 views.
Last post 23-Mar-24 03:23 by sexyblond59
23-Mar-24 03:23
by  sexyblond59
A long time kink and fantasy
Originated by mariselav
0 replies, 375 views.
Last post 23-Mar-24 01:11 by mariselav
23-Mar-24 01:11
by  mariselav
who here thinks mutual masturbation is HOT?
Originated by shy28boy
67 replies, 10,805 views.
Last post 22-Mar-24 15:09 by allin4cum
22-Mar-24 15:09
by  allin4cum
Most times masturbated and Cum in one day
Originated by Rannygb
81 replies, 4,934 views.
Last post 22-Mar-24 14:53 by allin4cum
22-Mar-24 14:53
by  allin4cum
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