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Which of the 5 above would you fuck?
Originated by bondbill2k2
18,610 replies, 393,118 views.
Last post 7-Dec-23 20:39 by surferjen
7-Dec-23 20:39
by  surferjen
What started you on your journey of voyeurism or exhibitionism
Originated by just big enough
81 replies, 6,907 views.
Last post 7-Dec-23 15:30 by Onastee1
7-Dec-23 15:30
by  Onastee1
I like to eat ass who else does?
Originated by HornySlim
37 replies, 2,048 views.
Last post 7-Dec-23 15:01 by Onastee1
7-Dec-23 15:01
by  Onastee1
Any other guys here prefer a handjob to a blowjob?
Originated by VT_Couple
52 replies, 1,110 views.
Last post 7-Dec-23 14:14 by Texas69
7-Dec-23 14:14
by  Texas69
Anal Orgasm
Originated by Paul_uk_eastmids
34 replies, 2,580 views.
Last post 7-Dec-23 14:03 by BiCuriousCT
7-Dec-23 14:03
by  BiCuriousCT
What is your fetish?
Originated by Mightymac218
158 replies, 13,654 views.
Last post 6-Dec-23 17:33 by Playfulpain
6-Dec-23 17:33
by  Playfulpain
a shower or a grower?
Originated by boytoy469
174 replies, 6,194 views.
Last post 6-Dec-23 00:02 by Tinychap
6-Dec-23 00:02
by  Tinychap
masterbating in front of a mirror?
Originated by bradley36
31 replies, 1,402 views.
Last post 5-Dec-23 22:25 by Nudeboybrian
5-Dec-23 22:25
by  Nudeboybrian
Who has the hairest pussy on this site?
Originated by hungatx
69 replies, 3,631 views.
Last post 5-Dec-23 22:17 by AverageJoe2000
5-Dec-23 22:17
by  AverageJoe2000
smallest penis on NN
Originated by microdick
10 replies, 504 views.
Last post 5-Dec-23 22:16 by Nudeboybrian
5-Dec-23 22:16
by  Nudeboybrian
bigger, smaller, or same as yours
Originated by boytoy469
6,120 replies, 127,207 views.
Last post 3-Dec-23 16:09 by caswer
3-Dec-23 16:09
by  caswer
Who,s masturbating right now?
Originated by misterwidget
119 replies, 4,982 views.
Last post 3-Dec-23 03:51 by starlandcricket
3-Dec-23 03:51
by  starlandcricket
Guys--- Who else uses their own cum to continue jerking off???
Originated by all tan man
29 replies, 2,095 views.
Last post 3-Dec-23 03:48 by starlandcricket
3-Dec-23 03:48
by  starlandcricket
IF Giving the Opportunity......
Originated by Just a Little Trashy
91 replies, 6,197 views.
Last post 3-Dec-23 03:47 by starlandcricket
3-Dec-23 03:47
by  starlandcricket
Mutual masturbation with either sex?
Originated by poonpickle
32 replies, 2,071 views.
Last post 1-Dec-23 23:55 by Playfulpain
1-Dec-23 23:55
by  Playfulpain
My bucket list
Originated by over60canada
10 replies, 416 views.
Last post 30-Nov-23 19:58 by Sparkee67
30-Nov-23 19:58
by  Sparkee67
Ever find your ex on NN?
Originated by superman14
21 replies, 1,584 views.
Last post 30-Nov-23 18:59 by Texas69
30-Nov-23 18:59
by  Texas69
Guys - would you suck another guy’s cock?
Originated by Msh1313
514 replies, 41,926 views.
Last post 30-Nov-23 08:59 by believer
30-Nov-23 08:59
by  believer
Most unusual porn you’ve masturbated to?
Originated by Micouple2
1 replies, 167 views.
Last post 29-Nov-23 16:08 by Mightymac218
29-Nov-23 16:08
by  Mightymac218
Why don't u ladies like your own bod
Originated by anaussiein07
20 replies, 504 views.
Last post 29-Nov-23 15:44 by Mightymac218
29-Nov-23 15:44
by  Mightymac218
What Have You Learned on NN That You Wouldn't Learn Elsewhere?
Originated by Julieannfringe
261 replies, 16,450 views.
Last post 29-Nov-23 11:28 by jimm
29-Nov-23 11:28
by  jimm
Originated by mrniceandeasy
53 replies, 3,955 views.
Last post 28-Nov-23 22:31 by FootballButt
28-Nov-23 22:31
by  FootballButt
porn collection
Originated by JASON.22
32 replies, 3,485 views.
Last post 28-Nov-23 05:58 by tobrinnumella
28-Nov-23 05:58
by  tobrinnumella
Harder Cock & Cumshots
Originated by Nudeboybrian
7 replies, 1,041 views.
Last post 28-Nov-23 05:55 by tobrinnumella
28-Nov-23 05:55
by  tobrinnumella
Fun in PVC and rubber
Originated by Lovetorimthewife
1 replies, 96 views.
Last post 27-Nov-23 23:24 by Leatherzzz
27-Nov-23 23:24
by  Leatherzzz
15 Minutes Alone in the Bedroom with Hubby's Friend......
Originated by Just a Little Trashy
51 replies, 6,889 views.
Last post 27-Nov-23 15:14 by PapaJim69
27-Nov-23 15:14
by  PapaJim69
Strap on play and pegging
Originated by 38DDDkinky
40 replies, 4,622 views.
Last post 26-Nov-23 21:10 by Akeyesx
26-Nov-23 21:10
by  Akeyesx
Shaving my cock and balls
Originated by Nudeboybrian
15 replies, 871 views.
Last post 26-Nov-23 01:33 by hornyyani
26-Nov-23 01:33
by  hornyyani
Sexy Tranny Fantasy
Originated by Nawkaw
48 replies, 2,747 views.
Last post 24-Nov-23 03:43 by dillaboy
24-Nov-23 03:43
by  dillaboy
Ladies, are you addicted to sucking cock?
Originated by Hardman119
18 replies, 1,782 views.
Last post 21-Nov-23 23:16 by Candy52958
21-Nov-23 23:16
by  Candy52958
Ladies why bald?
Originated by just big enough
25 replies, 1,590 views.
Last post 21-Nov-23 23:11 by Candy52958
21-Nov-23 23:11
by  Candy52958
Sex drive during menopause
Originated by Mightymac218
4 replies, 418 views.
Last post 21-Nov-23 22:04 by theg3964
21-Nov-23 22:04
by  theg3964
Most unusual porn you’ve masturbated to?
Originated by Micouple2
6 replies, 647 views.
Last post 21-Nov-23 07:13 by kll1000
21-Nov-23 07:13
by  kll1000
Originated by SeniorPantyLover
0 replies, 266 views.
Last post 21-Nov-23 07:00 by SeniorPantyLover
21-Nov-23 07:00
by  SeniorPantyLover
Do you enjoy when people watching your girlfriend naked
Originated by hornyyani
7 replies, 529 views.
Last post 20-Nov-23 23:16 by iloveasian
20-Nov-23 23:16
by  iloveasian
Looking for SW London Masturbation Club
Originated by Tsunami999
4 replies, 301 views.
Last post 19-Nov-23 19:00 by dillaboy
19-Nov-23 19:00
by  dillaboy
Should I show my face here with my naked photos?
Originated by Nudeboybrian
12 replies, 942 views.
Last post 18-Nov-23 19:14 by 357mag
18-Nov-23 19:14
by  357mag
Women dominating women
Originated by PhallicSupermacyOne
1 replies, 167 views.
Last post 18-Nov-23 18:32 by Candy52958
18-Nov-23 18:32
by  Candy52958
Would You Fuck The Person Above You?
Originated by Skynissis
33,424 replies, 609,102 views.
Last post 17-Nov-23 15:14 by caswer
17-Nov-23 15:14
by  caswer
For those 60 and over
Originated by wn0tjf
23 replies, 1,806 views.
Last post 16-Nov-23 22:30 by s84c82
16-Nov-23 22:30
by  s84c82
Double entry
Originated by Leedo123456
7 replies, 973 views.
Last post 16-Nov-23 01:58 by SCUBA_Steve010
16-Nov-23 01:58
by  SCUBA_Steve010
Need some new people
Originated by DemunZz
6 replies, 683 views.
Last post 14-Nov-23 07:14 by RedElephant359
14-Nov-23 07:14
by  RedElephant359
Give the cock/pussy above you a nickname
Originated by joelss
164 replies, 5,654 views.
Last post 11-Nov-23 03:11 by caswer
11-Nov-23 03:11
by  caswer
Strange shaped penis?
Originated by thehairlesscat
13 replies, 1,588 views.
Last post 10-Nov-23 03:00 by caswer
10-Nov-23 03:00
by  caswer
Question for the ladies
Originated by firehandpump
11 replies, 1,116 views.
Last post 9-Nov-23 01:38 by CrimsonVanDerLinde
9-Nov-23 01:38
by  CrimsonVanDerLinde
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