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Just getting started
Solo stuff is tricky
Producing content solo is difficult... just using a iPhone to film and edit. xxxxxxxxxxxx is awesome but you have to press the record button continually .... this makes for Alot of multi tasking ...
solo stuff is kinda hard to get good ideas for filming too. You might Think angles and edits are appealing but are they? Is it normal to not wanna show faces ? “Middle of scenes looking like a derp ??????
I dunno HMU sometime if you have similar issues

Mucho respects peeps

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A little late but ...
I have similar issues. For me it's getting my phone at the right hight/angle/distance while staying hands free. Also, the hands free tools do not give enough time before taking the picture. Those 10 seconds are definitely not enough time! If anyone has given you suggestions then please share them here as well.
Thanks grin

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