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What can I do to be better?
Couple days ago I posted six photos. Within two days, I deleted four of them due to poor views. My rule is if my pictures don't at least reach a thousand views or over within two days, they get deleted. And there is a BUNCH I deleted a few times in the past. I was hoping the picture of me holding two lit up penis lights against my boobs would look cool and do well, it didn't. Instead it's the picture that's now in the number three spot in my top five photos. Damn.

Been on here three years, only 31,000+ views. Some women I've seen been here a year but have 41,000 views.

Talked to one friend about one of these women, he's thinking mainly because they look artistic in a way. Maybe can chalk up to lighting, which is why most of my photos like that do well...but low views I have had tell me I'm doing something wrong. However one I posted had good lighting but got under 500 views.

So...what can I do better? I'd like to point out:

1. I don't have a perfect skinny body with small perky boobs.

2. Stomach must be covered.

3. All I got to work with is an android phone with a 10 second timer. I don't have any fancy camera. I have a somewhat small bedroom so there's like one to two places I can put it at.

4. The only place I can take photos is in my bedroom. Outside is a no go unless I want to get arrested for indecent exposure.

5. I don't have a partner to do different pictures than what I have. So, myself, and I.

6. I don't really have lingerie either. I hate to buy it just for a site.

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First, get a cheap tripod that will hold your phone. If you use the selfie camera you can see the screen at the same time, but you could also buy a cheap mirror and set it up behind the phone so you can see the screen while using the better rear camera.

Second, get a Bluetooth remote. They're cheap. Use the mirror to watch yourself, use the trigger to get a few shots. There's a tendency for most people to want to run back and look at every shot they take. Don't do it! Take 5-10, then go see what you like and delete the rest.

Third, probably the most important: practice. Try to emulate other poses you like, look at how lighting falls on curves or creates interesting shadows, and try to recreate some of them.

Once you get a feel for recreating poses and getting yourself into flattering positions, you can experiment with window light, fabrics, whatever. It's all a process!

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