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Challenging By Oneself To Take Photos
Been on this site almost five years now, you'd think I could keep consistent good photos.
Easier said than done.

Some things to make it better? Already had to delete most of the photos I took yesterday and on October 30th because they just weren't good enough.

Mind you:

Not perfect body wise, so that's the challenge in itself.

Don't have anyone to do different types of photos with a penis.

Don't own any toys, they never did nothing for me. Fingers are good enough.

Don't own any lingerie either, never felt sexy to buy and wear any.

Only have my bedroom and bathroom to take photos. In the process of moving, so any other rooms are messy.

No outside photos, neighbors are very close by and I don't feel like getting arrested for indecent exposure.

So yeah, I'm very, very, VERY limited.

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I have the same views that my pics are all 'the same' so why would people look at them

Garden is overlooked by 3 houses and only small fence between us all so don't think outside would work, so mainly bedroom and bathroom closedeyes

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