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I Like to Reflect
premium is awesome.
I used to have 100+ pics here, so my reasons for going premium initially were based around that. I loved having the freedom to delete pics as I saw fit, according to changes in my life circumstances and taste. I could delete my whole album on a whim and repost everything (being that I had 15 uploads a day, this was a small feat) in whatever order I chose. when I started a new relationship I was able to delete all but a few. I love having that freedom and flexibility. premium is a must if you enjoy posting pics for artistic reasons but feel a bit paranoid at times. LOL

don't forget that after you post all your pics, you have tons of amorous admirers reacting to them! so premium allows you to manage your comments, deleting the ones you dislike if necessary. you also have no limits on your pms so you no longer have to wait 24 hours to start writing back to people who admire your pics... or to write dozens of admiring emails to the pretty girl posters whose BigPics and videos you wanked over. so premium is a must if you get off on guys viewing your pics or if you dig a sexy girl who you'd like to literally see more of.

when I got the chance to renew after a year of premium, I didn't hesitate. there are so many features I use all the time that I started to take them for granted. NN is a great site, especially with all the new features, but it is waaaayyyy better, more porny and more user friendly with premium. you have access to so much more nekkid content, it is relatively cheap and the best part is arguably being able to access unlimited pics of lifesize pussy in your browser.

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