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Best Year
Premium has allowed me to open up, meet new friends, post more pics and ultimately feel more confident in myself.

Premium rocks happydance

I have to save up cause now that i have had it and i dont think i can live without it! haha.

3 days and counting curse crying

This place has so much to offer and i NEVER thought i would be someone that would be on a nude site and love it as much as i do. Its addicting!!


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Super Girl.
You should be fine with premium and have far more control with you account as well..

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Totally agree
I've got to admit with all the awesome friends I have found on this site there is no way I could not be a premium. I took it one step further and purchased my blue shield. I'm one of the more umm mature ones thumbup but not one person here makes me feel like I'm any different from them. I have found a fantastic support group on here and premium helped me do that. Worth every cent
Cheers and hope to see all you pinkies wearing a green shield real soon ....Whisper xx bounce

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