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US age 62
Joined 4 years ago
Last login 2 days ago
Despite my age, I am not been involved sexually...only hands, toys, socks, sandwich & freezer bags...It`s not till late in life, that I may be ready to talk or an encounter??Most of my pics are old until June of 2019 that I can finally be free of clothing & documenting nakedness & toy play.2007,was the last year that I was able to be in the nude outside the bathroom. I use multiple digital cameras each time that I toy play or nakedness + trying other types of lighting, selfie sticks & tripods...
87toy93's last Status Update
Waiting on 2 Marie Callender Rigatoni`s to cook...
My NN Status:
I am:Male
Sexual Preference:Girls
Am Seeking:A straight girl
Marital Status:Single
Member Since:6-Apr-19
Last Logged In:24-Feb-24
Location:Minnesota, United States
About 87toy93
Star Sign:Virgo
Is Following:
Is Looking For:A Private Photo Shoot, A Fuck Buddy, Finding a Partner
Interests:Music, Computers / Internet
Other:Aromatherapy, non fiction reading, night owl, digital photography, sexual toy play, PC creativity, walking for shopping, indoor roller skating.
Race:Caucasian (White)
Body Type:Average
Body Shape:Zipper
Height:6' 0" (183cm)
Weight:138lbs (9st 12lbs) (62.6kg)
Eye Colour:Hazel
Hair Colour:Light Brown
Pubic Hair:Natural
Professional Life
Employment Status:Full Time
Industry:Manufacturing / Distributions
Job Role:Other
Food Pref.:Non-vegetarian
Religion:Not Religious
Sense Humour:Other
Social Style:Better in small groups
Personality:Nerd / Geek
Movie:There are many... Stargate SG1
Actor/Actress:Nia Peeples
Book:Re-reading hardcover version of books
Author:Non fiction authors only...
Band:So many:):):)
TV Show:Currently...OTA programs...Numbers...
Sport:use to be non competitve figure skating
Drink:water, rip it, Mello Yello, Zyng
Food:pizza,mega meal,salsbury steak
Pastime:Mtn biking, X C skiing, indoor roller skating
Sex Position:sitting,on my back,side
Person I'd like to Fuck:Nia Peeples
Self Description
What Makes Me Happy:
In my own place and finally being naked:):):)
What Makes Me Mad:
my work place
My Bad Habits:
probably being way to quiet
My Final Thoughts:
If I ran NN...

I am comfortable again to be naked inside. Experiment with cameras & lighting. I have plenty to keep me busy until I can bike & roller skate indoors again. Still stuff to donate or recycle.
firehandpump : I like your photos of your nice long shaft and I too enjoy using different types of cock stroking sleeves! Paul
(1 year ago)
EasyOwl914 : Nice cock!
(2 years ago)
wollymr : nice cock young man!
(2 years ago)
Profile last updated: 20-May-23