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CA age 60
Joined 12 years ago
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I'm no romeo or casanova,but no shrek,who thanks the big guy upstairs for putting women on this planet.I can look at any woman and find something sexy about her.I can totally understand how a girl can like another girl,your all so beautiful.
LOVEXXXPORN's last Status Update
Can someone put a cork in Kendra426
My NN Status:
I am:Male
Sexual Preference:Girls
Am Seeking:A girl
Marital Status:Divorced and on the hunt
Member Since:23-Dec-11
Last Logged In:26-Feb-24
Location:Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Star Sign:Taurus
Is Following:meadow36, curvybunz, comefuckmenow,...
Is Looking For:Anything!
Interests:Movies / Cinema, Boxing / Wrestling, Music, Cars / Motorcycles, Computers / Internet, Nightclubs / Clubs, Politics, Sailing / Boating
Race:Caucasian (White)
Body Type:Slim
Height:6' 0" (183cm)
Weight:200lbs (14st 4lbs) (90.7kg)
Eye Colour:Brown
Hair Colour:Dark Brown
Professional Life
Employment Status:Self Employed
Food Pref.:Non-vegetarian
Sense Humour:Friendly
Social Style:Shy
Personality:Home body
Kinkiest Place I've Had Sex:BJ while driving down the highway,it was very hard(no pun intended)to maintain the correct speed.Front seat of a Ford Focus in a Home Depot parking lot.
Movie:Wide Variety XXX the most
Actor/Actress:Sarah Jessica Parker,Heather Locklear
Song:Burning In Love
Band:Honeymoon Suite
Sex Position:Does not matter
Person I'd like to Fuck:Francesca Le
Self Description
What Makes Me Happy:
Anything to do with porn
What Makes Me Sad:
No Porn
What Makes Me Mad:
My Bad Habits:
Spending to much time at NN..(LOL)
My Final Thoughts:
If I was US President...

Like Elvis coming back,it will never happen.I live in a house,not a igloo,i say about,not aboot,i say zed,not zee,my name is LOVEXXXPORN and i am CANADIAN!
highheelhottie : Thanks for liking our pics! And we appreciate you viewing our NF content!!
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MitchandDaisy : Merry Christmas Triple X ! ★*🌙☆* 🦌🛷🎅彡 ☆ * ❄️
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OldStork943 : Hey the number is 903-501-7426 give me a call let's get together
(156 days ago)
SusieA_50 : Nice seeing likes from u again...Thank u... S. 😊
(176 days ago)
markus2418 : Hope you are alright with Trojan Condoms for our first Date since I am not on the pill.
(233 days ago)
markus2418 : Was down in Niagara falls staying at the Marriott Hotel and would love to meet for coffee and a nibble if you like 69 anytime of year..
(233 days ago)
AdeleGingerRaine : Hugs sweet man 💋 😘
(278 days ago)
risingmoonsunset : Thanks for the likes, glad you enjoyed :) RM
(331 days ago)
j4327 : hi ! glad you liked my status update on Tiarra30 .
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SusieA_50 : Always appreciate ur likes...Thank u...S.😊
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Sexyplussize : Hugs for rating my vid babe! 😘😘😘😘😘😘
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Sexyplussize : Happy New Year babe! 😘😘😘😘😘
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MitchandDaisy : 🎄 🎁 Happy Christmas, Triple X ❄🎅
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NaughtyKat : Cherry Berry Christmas and Cosmic Crisp New Year! Love as a gift, Peace in your heart and Smiles on your lips. 😺😽
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AdeleGingerRaine : Merry Christmas 🎅
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NaughtyKat : Always a pleasure seeing your trail. Thank you 😊
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SusieA_50 : Thank you for the like... S. 😊
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Facesittingqueen : Hi, thx for the likes. Glad you like what you see 😘
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AdeleGingerRaine : Hey sweet friend, I miss seeing you in status ,hope you are well.
(1 year ago)
MissAshlee : that's the kinda news i like to hear! <3
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BuxomXhunter : Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, big smile, cheers
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