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Hey NN hope everyone is haveing a great time on here. Hope to meet new ppl. And have some fun. Life is to short. Let’s chat sometime
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Anyone up for some fun in and around Hamilton pm me let’s chat and have some fun. Ready set go lol
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I am:Male
Sexual Preference:Girls
Am Seeking:A girl
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Member Since:4-Dec-20
Last Logged In:26-Feb-24
Location:Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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Is Looking For:Cyber Sex w/cam, Hard Core Action, Group Sex
Interests:Baseball / Softball
Penis Length:6" (15.2cm)
Penis Girth:1.5" (3.8cm)
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Lqqking2410 hasn't filled in this section yet.
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Lqqking2410 hasn't filled in this section yet.
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Self Description
markus2418 : Super Mother's Day Buffet at the Holiday Inn.
(282 days ago)
markus2418 : Went to Ashburnham Pub, Black Horse Pub, 180 Hunter Street Pub, Riley's Pub, Maple Moose Pub, Castle John's Pub, and went to Holiday Inn Waterfront Peterborough by the river.
(282 days ago)
markus2418 : Went to Peterborough Ontario for 3 Days and stayed at the Super 8 Hotel and went to over 10 Bars in the Downtown area.
(282 days ago)
markus2418 : It will be awesome having intercourse with you this Summer as you are really Hot Honey ❤️❤️❤️
(290 days ago)
Lqqking2410 : Nice happy Mother’s Day to you in advance 😘. I’m really hoping to get out and hook up this summer. So I hope we could maybe make something work out let me know
(291 days ago)
markus2418 : My Daughter is taking me to Peterborough Ontario for Mother's Day this Sunday and Monday Honey ❤️❤️❤️
(291 days ago)
markus2418 : Yes love to have you " Do me " in the Hot Tub next Week.
(2 years ago)
markus2418 : Hopefully the virus numbers will drop below the 665 new infections soon so we can get together.
(2 years ago)
Da88ni : Thank you for the message. Out of PMs for today x
(2 years ago)
markus2418 : Looking forward in the next few weeks to have the virus numbers drop to a safer level.
(2 years ago)
markus2418 : Yes it will feel great having your beautiful penis rub me down, before I Mount you and and have my Girlfriend join us and face sit you at the Monte Carlo Inn Suites.
(3 years ago)
markus2418 : February 22, 2021, York will be the re-opening of most Business
(3 years ago)
markus2418 : Yes I had a great time at the Ajax Garden Hilton Hotel, though my Vagina is so sorry now...I could not open the photo attached to the mail you sent me Honey until I am a Premium member.
(3 years ago)
markus2418 : As soon as the restrictions are over we can be together alone, you have been so wonderful in every way and we have known each other a very long time. My Doctor said i have never had a sexual infection and Wednesday She says i can play bareback, though i am not on the pill.
(3 years ago)
markus2418 : Absolutely i will play with you alone as well, anywhere and anytime of the week Honey.
(3 years ago)
markus2418 : Hubby would love to have you spit roast me, with your beautiful penis bare balls deep inside my Vagina while I suck hubby dick.
(3 years ago)
markus2418 : Will be going to the Ajax Garden Hilton Hotel on January 31 to review the Hospitality that Durham has to offer though it will just be take out food i will be sex...LOL.
(3 years ago)
markus2418 : Hubby is stuck in the snow so hope Hamilton has not got more than 10 cm. Yes it was wantmature dating site when i said that NN is a great family of like minded people that enjoy having sex with singles or other couples as we enjoy sharing. Looks are not important as everyone has tongues and fingers that thrill beyond words.
(3 years ago)
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