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US age 43
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a fantasm!
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An experiment in free-form art.
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I am:Female
Sexual Preference:Girls & Guys
Am Seeking:No one at the moment
Marital Status:Married
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Other:not filling out my profile
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Movie:pulp fiction
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not filling out my profile
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requests that I fill out my profile
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demands that I fill out my profile
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If I could live anywhere it would be...

totalretard : A year since she visited (visited and logged in, anyway). Almost 13 years since she posted the angry verification picture with the lipstick on her magical ass. You're not forgotten, my dear.
(196 days ago)
bluebayour6 : Come on back ;) :)
(1 year ago)
firehandpump : I would love to see your thick, hairy bush and pussy! Paul
(1 year ago)
DanajustDana : Merry Christmas, sis! xx
(2 years ago)
ShippingGaz : Would love to seemore of you.... :D
(2 years ago)
BlueDragon969 : +923156237453
(2 years ago)
john19smith58 : nice back side Love to see your innie
(2 years ago)
Mikie57 : I'd like to bite you on the ass. Develop a case of lock jaw and get drug to death
(2 years ago)
Micha19cm : What a nice bum
(2 years ago)
Krimsonkink : In skagit county if you are Interested
(2 years ago)
bradt2587 : I'd love 2 bury my cock balls deep in that sexy ass of yours
(3 years ago)
Jaxx003 : Had my cock squirting
(3 years ago)
Letspardee69 : Just wanted to say you have a nice butt love to lick it
(3 years ago)
148638341129570 : Whats up gorgeous hope you are having an awesome day 😀
(3 years ago)
DanajustDana : Merry Christmas! xx💋💋
(3 years ago)
HunterDawn : A happy looking bum!
(3 years ago)
KYBestWagtail655 : Hey there, how are you tonight? If you ever want to hang out, have fun or whatever, hit me up at
(3 years ago)
Kernal_Angus : I love pulp fiction !!!
(3 years ago)
Onionheart : When you gonna fill out yer profile?
(3 years ago)
4outdoorfun12 : Love your butt!
(3 years ago)
wifeUnstable : perfect ass girl id spend my whole day licking that 4 u like a queen
(3 years ago)
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