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GB age 50
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I am the naughty ninja .......
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I am:Male
Sexual Preference:Girls
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Member Since:19-Jan-11
Last Logged In:4-Nov-22
Location:near london, England, United Kingdom
Star Sign:Virgo
Is Following:"PurpleNix""NaughtyKat;" "Lil_Bunz" "funshowning"
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Race:Caucasian (White)
Eye Colour:Blue
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Job Role:Tradeperson
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Lil bunz
shopgirl02 : Thank you sexy.... enjoyed the view 😘
(1 year ago)
luvsanal : Thanks sexy x
(3 years ago)
001Bella : Happy New Year Ninja! 😊😘
(3 years ago)
rollaway55 : love to be with a gal and her cuck
(3 years ago)
bulgariababe : Admit it, you wanna bang a milf like me 💋
(3 years ago)
bulgariababe : Thanks for the message on my photo 💋
(3 years ago)
NaughtyKat : I was back yday eve but no Ninja to be seen! ;)
(4 years ago)
NaughtyKat : Yesterday, a Ninja's day! ;)
(4 years ago)
mischolara : Hi Im love sex. My contact here
(5 years ago)
Juicyg : I have a private SPY cam in my bed room if u want yum can have the ip so u can log in any time the record ur self wank over me sucking or fucking if ur lucky that is but there is loads of vids on there anyway
(5 years ago)
Kameeska : Xxx
(5 years ago)
kazzy807 : Hello gawjus
(6 years ago)
Tozydart : Unable 2 message ..but hello xxx
(7 years ago)
naughtyteasel : Gonna have to send a search party out soon. lol xx
(7 years ago)
cocolove68 : great ass yes yes yes
(7 years ago)
naughtyteasel : Happy Birthday bf. Just wait and see later what I bought me for your birthday, LOL. You will love unwrapping me, haha. See you tonight. Love Lyn. xxx
(7 years ago)
naughtyteasel : Human error, lol. You can tie me up later and .........., lol. Kisses all over your xxxx again bf! xxxx Lyn xxxx
(7 years ago)
naughtyteasel : Date night??? xxxx
(7 years ago)
cocolove68 : yumyumyum
(7 years ago)
naughtyteasel : You filled me up 4 times, today. I've just returned the favour! lol Love Lyn xx
(7 years ago)
naughtyteasel : Nips to Waitrose to get squirty cream for date night, lol xxx L xxx
(7 years ago)
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