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US age 59
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A happy person, with an awesome attitude, and have a good sense of self worth. I am a large guy, but that is who I am. I love to travel, meet new people and experience new things. I like to party, but Im also a hard worker. I'm extremely attracted to the curvy women who post in the bbw section ( I always go there first when I log on) and how I want to spend time with a bi couple to satisfy my bisexual side. I love to eat pussy and suck cock. I especially like to clean up pussy that has just been fucked, and then suck that cock back hard again.
theg3964's last Status Update
Had some time with the gf (fwb) came home, and still so horny!
My NN Status:
I am:Male
Sexual Preference:Girls & Guys
Am Seeking:Anyone - Don't care
Marital Status:Divorced and over it (relationships)
Member Since:21-Jun-11
Last Logged In:29-Feb-24
Location:Lewes, Delaware, United States
About theg3964
Star Sign:Pisces
Is Following:
Is Looking For:Anything!, Cyber Sex w-out/cam, Casual Chat Room Talk,...
Interests:Motor Racing, Baseball / Softball, Movies / Cinema, Billiards / Pool / Darts, Museums / Galleries, Music, Cars / Motorcycles, Nature, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Dancing, Shopping, Food / Wine, Singing / Playing Instrument, Football / Soccer / Rugby, Travel / Sightseeing, Hiking / Camping, Water Sports
Other:Going on drives, visiting new towns, meeting new people, and spending lots of time nude, at beaches, and resorts like Avalon in WVa.
Race:Caucasian (White)
Body Type:Large
Body Shape:Upsidedown pear
Height:6' 0" (183cm)
Weight:285lbs (20st 5lbs) (129.3kg)
Eye Colour:Brown
Hair Colour:Auburn/Red-Brown
Best Feature:Arms
Pubic Hair:Natural
Tatoos:1 or 2 Discreet
Penis Length:5.5" (14cm)
Professional Life
Employment Status:Full Time
Job Role:Tradeperson
Food Pref.:Non-vegetarian
Religion:Spiritual but not religious
Sense Humour:Friendly
Social Style:Meet people easily
Kinkiest Place I've Had Sex:in the ladies room at a bar, with no door on the stall and everyone could see. Got lots of "call me" ,phone numbers and of course thumbs up!
Actor/Actress:Nina Hartley
Book:Any book on porn
Author:Anyone who writes porn
TV Show:too many for just 1
Sport:Most "guy" sports
Drink:coors light
Pastime:working, motorcycling
Sex Position:doggy style, 69
Person I'd like to Fuck:Nina Hartley
Self Description
What Makes Me Happy:
The smile of a woman, warm sunny days, fresh coffee...and a soft, warm body
What Makes Me Sad:
rain, cold, bad attitudes
What Makes Me Mad:
people who say us larger folks shouldnt be nude. ALL sizes are beautiful nude
My Bad Habits:
biting my nails, too much masturbation
My Final Thoughts:
The meaning of life is...

enjoy it to the fullest, and take each at a time
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