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***I'm sorry I can't come to the phone right now, but thank you for the tasteful comments, votes, messages etc. No, I'm not up for anything other than some snark in status and posting the occasional attention seeking photo. Thanks for looking.*** 😷
MrsTrellis's last Status Update
Storm Betty is on the way ...... you have been warned grin
My NN Status:
I am:Female
Sexual Preference:Guys
Am Seeking:No one at the moment
Marital Status:
In relationship with:stretch
Member Since:7-Jan-19
Last Logged In:4-Dec-23
Location:Mornington Crescent, United Kingdom
Star Sign:
Is Following:Dicksy, Dilli, Betty,...
Is Looking For:
Other:Writing letters to Radio 4
Race:Caucasian (White)
Body Type:Average
Eye Colour:Grey
Hair Colour:White/Grey
Professional Life
Employment Status:Part Time
Job Role:Other
Movie:How Green Was My Valley
Actor/Actress:Anthony Hopkins
Book:Llyfr Glas Nebo
Author:Dylan Thomas
Song:Men of Harlech
Band:Tom Jones
TV Show:Gavin and Stacey
Pastime:Writing letters
Self Description
What Makes Me Happy:
Kindness, coffee, my dog
What Makes Me Sad:
Most humans.
What Makes Me Mad:
Revenge posters and anyone who condones it.
My Bad Habits:
Telling dickheads where to go.
My Final Thoughts:
If I ran NN...

well, I think you know exactly what I'd do. No revenge posters and no dickheads.
jusslurkin : Beeeeep “Message for MrsT - hope you are good and remaining feisty. Tinkerty-tonk!” Click … brrrrrrrr
(1 day ago)
B&B_Guy : Love your gallery!!!! So hot! And your blog is GREAT!!!! 😁
(27 days ago)
PantyPirate : Who's there? Thanks for missing me, I only intended to go for a week or 2, but the time off made me realise how many horrible people there are on here, and I really don't need that in my life. I miss you, and several other beautiful people on here, and when I say beautiful I mean inside aswell as out. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I do take the time to understand someone, to know them, before making decisions about them, and I know you are a lovely person ❤
(89 days ago)
Ohmslaw734 : Absolutely first rate pics. I couldn't make it through all of them before busting a big one. Great job. Thanks for sharing.
(90 days ago)
Artistic : 😘 hey gurl
(140 days ago)
ksaint : From what I can see your entire body appears bionic!
(142 days ago)
mrjimm : you're such a kind person.
(148 days ago)
NaughtyKat : The bag on your doorstep may smell funny but that's just me being heavy handed with garlic with the Spaghetti Carbonara I left. Don't tell Italians but I've not used Italian cheeses.
(151 days ago)
GottaBeMe : Hot hot HOT PP!! You go girl! 🔥
(152 days ago)
Laphroaigh : was MrsT, but now it's quite better! thank for your thoughts :D *hugs and kisses!!
(153 days ago)
tryin4fun : Love the new profile pic. One of my favourite things.
(160 days ago)
balhannah1 : super body very sexy stunning add me as an Aussie friend please Balhannah
(236 days ago)
ksaint : That is such a lovely profile pic.
(319 days ago)
MitchandDaisy : Happy New Year MsrT 🎈 🥳 🎇
(341 days ago)
ausfoIey : Happy New Year lovely lady, may it bring you all the joy and happiness you deserve MrsTrellis
(341 days ago)
ksaint : Happy New Year!
(341 days ago)
PantyPirate : Wishing you a very Happy New Year, and thank you for the smiles you have brought me during this one with you're contributions in status, as well as you're fine artistic gallery 🥰
(341 days ago)
AdeleGingerRaine : Happy new years ;)
(341 days ago)
urwayhot : Speaking of snark and euphemisms... is that Xmas tart profile pic trying to tell us something? ;-) Or am I overthinking...
(342 days ago)
Mr_Vein : I'm a little late, but happy Christmas and hope you enjoy the rest of the festive season xx
(346 days ago)
Mr_Elmo : A bit late, but a very merry Xmas mrs.T and all the best for 2023
(347 days ago)
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