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US age 61
Joined 20 years ago
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Evil, dishonest, sadistic and a whole lot of fun.
stretch's last Status Update
Whether you like it or whether you don't, that's the way The Astros do it!
My NN Status:
I am:Male
Sexual Preference:
Am Seeking:No one at the moment
Marital Status:
In relationship with:MrsTrellis
Member Since:6-Jul-03
Last Logged In:4-Dec-23
Location:Texas, United States
Star Sign:
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Is Looking For:
Other:Whittling, hunting, gambling, hide and seek and prognostication.
Best Feature:Knees
Professional Life
stretch hasn't filled in this section yet.
Why not ask him?
Sense Humour:None
Kinkiest Place I've Had Sex:How can the place be kinky?
Movie:Cool Hand Luke
Song:Here's To Your Destruction
Sex Position:In favor of it.
Person I'd like to Fuck:my other hand
Self Description
What Makes Me Happy:
Not much.
What Makes Me Sad:
What Makes Me Mad:
Not much.
My Bad Habits:
Too numerous to list.
My Final Thoughts:
The best day of my life was...

The day I learned to whittle.
MrsTrellis : Bazinga!
(247 days ago)
MrsTrellis : Happy Christmas Lover Boy, next year ..... 😜
(1 year ago)
AdeleGingerRaine : Merry Christmas 🎅
(1 year ago)
Artistic : there you are........
(7 years ago)
Chuck-81 : I was your 7000th viewer.
(7 years ago)
DubbleStrubble : Nice dick!!
(8 years ago)
DubbleStrubble : <3
(8 years ago)
000max : sexy
(9 years ago)
KinkyCouple1964 : Sexy lady
(9 years ago)
Entropy20 : damn , you make me laugh sometimes :)
(9 years ago)
DubbleStrubble : Pfffffft, just typed a load of slushy stuff and deleted it so you can make do with a simple I love you ....... because I do.
(9 years ago)
tight_wet_lips : You are cracking me up in the forum.
(10 years ago)
AnyhowILoveYou : Ain't dat some shit!
(10 years ago)
KnockKnockKnock : Git!
(10 years ago)
bettysswollocks : At least you only ignored me for 8 of those 10 years you've been here!
(10 years ago)
bettysswollocks : I hope you don't mind me mentioning this, but ...... your tits look big in that!
(10 years ago)
tight_wet_lips : your profile description is killer! I love it!
(10 years ago)
Atrebates : hola tequila man....:)
(11 years ago)
thekid53 : you say in a pic your a female but your profile is saying your a man??
(11 years ago)
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