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GB age 68
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Please gentlemen, if your main profile pic is of your cock then please do not ask to *friend* me, it puts me off seeing such icons on bottom right of my screen. Surely there is some other better feature of yours? Like to go dancing but since the covid outbreak that's not happening. Used to dance at least twice weekly. Semi retired now and available to travel round Europe when possible. Love Spain and its nudist beaches, rather too cool for this except on the hottest days here but will it be possible to get there and back until 2021? Not looking likely now. Update... got to Spain 3 times during 2022 and it was fantastic So now one of the ideas I fancy is a few train rides around Europe, things like glacier express, etc. not too many of the hi-speed train, even if they are good for getting places fast. I like to see the countryside and spent time in tiny villages. Interest any lady here ? Always worth asking
videolondon's last Status Update
Oooops finger slipped and paid for another year here on NN
My NN Status:
I am:Male
Sexual Preference:Girls
Am Seeking:A girl
Marital Status:Single
Member Since:29-May-07
Last Logged In:26-Feb-24
Location:London, England, United Kingdom
About videolondon
Star Sign:Sagittarius
Is Following:there are many fun people here, chat to a few, including me
Is Looking For:Anything!, Casual Chat Room Talk, Cyber Sex w/cam
Interests:Arts / Crafts, Movies / Cinema, Museums / Galleries, Music, Nature, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Dancing, Food / Wine, Travel / Sightseeing, Volunteer / Charity, Water Sports
Other:Proficient video editor and love to use my skills with adult content
Race:Caucasian (White)
Body Type:Average
Height:5' 4" (163cm)
Weight:176lbs (12st 8lbs) (80kg)
Eye Colour:Brown
Hair Colour:White/Grey
Best Feature:Smile
Pubic Hair:Natural
Professional Life
Education:Uni Graduate
Employment Status:Work at Home
Industry:Entertainment / Media
Job Role:Technical
Food Pref.:Non-vegetarian
Sense Humour:Dry / Sarcastic
Social Style:Better in small groups
Kinkiest Place I've Had Sex:Might be on a very public beach at Cape d'Agde, omg it was crowded. But everything happens there
Movie:Shawshank redemption
Pastime:film making, dancing
Sex Position:scissors
Person I'd like to Fuck:Christina Trevanion
Self Description
What Makes Me Happy:
What Makes Me Sad:
film with a sad ending
What Makes Me Mad:
lack of consideration to fellow human beings
My Bad Habits:
scratching my bum. U really don't expect a list here!
My Final Thoughts:
The meaning of life is...

have you not seen the monty python film? pay attention How is Brian these days
videolondon : it's against the rules here to take pics of random women.. surely you know that
(36 days ago)
CrimsonMonaLisa : What's stopping you from photographing women like I mentioned?
(36 days ago)
videolondon : and how are you qualified to declare what is average and then to say women similar to yourself ?? How about average women in Spain or Italy ?
(36 days ago)
CrimsonMonaLisa : Constructive criticism. This world is full of average women, NOT model types. I don't see a woman similar to me in any of your photos. Need variety my dude.
(36 days ago)
videolondon : model types?? I should be so lucky
(36 days ago)
CrimsonMonaLisa : You should photograph AVERAGE women, not model types.
(36 days ago)
arizonagb911 : I find your comments very well articulated ❤️Thank you x
(148 days ago)
kily30 : very hot profile
(295 days ago)
MissAshlee : the ground isn't as flat as it looks! :P
(1 year ago)
Nastywhore4u : Thanks for all the comments and likes hun, I am sure we could produce a great production xx
(1 year ago)
rollaway55 : sweet--made me look! love some feet
(1 year ago)
sexysara8008 : Thanks for the comment on my pic x
(1 year ago)
libell : Thx for comment to my video let me know what you think
(2 years ago)
north and south : Thanks for the ratings on our postings. xxxx
(2 years ago)
mrandmrsmarshall2020 : Thank you for your comment 💋
(3 years ago)
AryAlby : Thank's for the friendship request. :)
(3 years ago)
NmCm : Thanks for eating our pics xx
(3 years ago)
Milfginger : Thanks for the sexy DM 💋
(3 years ago)
hmn22 : Maybe ;)
(3 years ago)
hernudes2fave : We hope you like my pix Lynne and Cj
(3 years ago)
redpop25 : Thank you for your interest and lovely comment. "D".xx
(3 years ago)
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