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Originated by bigwhite1
1 replies, 245 views.
Last post 6-Jul-23 04:05 by 3x3x3x
6-Jul-23 04:05
by  3x3x3x
Originated by awesome2
2 replies, 2,435 views.
Last post 10-Nov-22 18:09 by caswer
10-Nov-22 18:09
by  caswer
Much better control
Originated by pdxnude
0 replies, 997 views.
Last post 6-Jan-22 08:33 by pdxnude
6-Jan-22 08:33
by  pdxnude
Do it
Originated by Slutty_on_NN
0 replies, 1,137 views.
Last post 22-Aug-21 11:57 by Slutty_on_NN
22-Aug-21 11:57
by  Slutty_on_NN
Originated by DanajustDana
1 replies, 5,173 views.
Last post 3-Sep-20 04:36 by DanajustDana
3-Sep-20 04:36
by  DanajustDana
It is really worthwhile!! New member who got premium after a day....
Originated by Couple6774
0 replies, 1,766 views.
Last post 7-Sep-19 05:15 by Couple6774
7-Sep-19 05:15
by  Couple6774
Originated by sexyeyesblondie1
3 replies, 2,618 views.
Last post 12-Jan-19 23:51 by alley52cat
12-Jan-19 23:51
by  alley52cat
Premium Membership...hell yeah!
Originated by MieleGattina-OLD
19 replies, 4,102 views.
Last post 12-Jan-18 12:35 by caterino
12-Jan-18 12:35
by  caterino
Epoch payment system
Originated by joemex46
2 replies, 2,083 views.
Last post 21-Jun-17 12:57 by sempercorneum
21-Jun-17 12:57
by  sempercorneum
Epoch payment system
Originated by joemex46
0 replies, 1,753 views.
Last post 5-Jul-16 20:18 by joemex46
5-Jul-16 20:18
by  joemex46
Got To Give It Away To Keep It
Originated by MASexybutt
5 replies, 2,198 views.
Last post 30-Apr-16 20:57 by Artistic
30-Apr-16 20:57
by  Artistic
Premium Membership
Originated by wantitbad101
3 replies, 2,559 views.
Last post 25-Apr-16 10:49 by alley52cat
25-Apr-16 10:49
by  alley52cat
Competitive Review
Originated by NotYourPrince
2 replies, 3,188 views.
Last post 12-Mar-16 00:03 by MASexybutt
12-Mar-16 00:03
by  MASexybutt
My take.
Originated by stretch
5 replies, 3,183 views.
Last post 15-Jan-16 22:53 by Artistic
15-Jan-16 22:53
by  Artistic
You wil Love it...
Originated by dogday333
3 replies, 4,852 views.
Last post 7-Oct-15 21:49 by bugaj536
7-Oct-15 21:49
by  bugaj536
I'll NEVER go back to being a free member...
Originated by dirtycopper
6 replies, 4,169 views.
Last post 2-Aug-15 16:45 by 52sexybutt
2-Aug-15 16:45
by  52sexybutt
why premium membership is such great value
Originated by nowagainplease
0 replies, 2,203 views.
Last post 9-Jul-14 18:45 by nowagainplease
9-Jul-14 18:45
by  nowagainplease
Lifetime membership
Originated by acctboy
2 replies, 2,477 views.
Last post 7-Jul-14 03:26 by Ellefoxie
7-Jul-14 03:26
by  Ellefoxie
Love the Site
Originated by masterstoy91
2 replies, 3,163 views.
Last post 3-Jun-14 03:42 by Raven2005
3-Jun-14 03:42
by  Raven2005
Premium Rules !!!!!!
Originated by Entropy20
0 replies, 2,080 views.
Last post 2-May-14 05:07 by Entropy20
2-May-14 05:07
by  Entropy20
Going Premuim
Originated by runrlooking4fun
0 replies, 2,088 views.
Last post 13-Feb-14 19:17 by runrlooking4fun
13-Feb-14 19:17
by  runrlooking4fun
I went premium
Originated by Marky764
1 replies, 2,178 views.
Last post 29-Nov-13 20:16 by ivanrus
29-Nov-13 20:16
by  ivanrus
not recommending premium
Originated by Bondbor
8 replies, 9,998 views.
Last post 31-Oct-13 01:47 by lennynatural
31-Oct-13 01:47
by  lennynatural
Originated by sexyspice
0 replies, 2,015 views.
Last post 19-Aug-13 20:37 by sexyspice
19-Aug-13 20:37
by  sexyspice
Premium Dilemma
Originated by Raven2005
14 replies, 4,576 views.
Last post 22-Jan-13 17:19 by Raven2005
22-Jan-13 17:19
by  Raven2005
MSU76 Videos - Worth the Price of Admission :)
Originated by msu76
1 replies, 3,477 views.
Last post 5-Jan-13 21:40 by LOVEXXXPORN
5-Jan-13 21:40
First week of premium
Originated by steelrat60
0 replies, 2,580 views.
Last post 9-Dec-12 00:02 by steelrat60
9-Dec-12 00:02
by  steelrat60
Our testiclemonium
Originated by here_for_u
0 replies, 3,094 views.
Last post 26-Jun-12 12:33 by here_for_u
26-Jun-12 12:33
by  here_for_u
Originated by mary474
0 replies, 2,840 views.
Last post 20-Jun-12 03:00 by mary474
20-Jun-12 03:00
by  mary474
Nothing like it
Originated by oldstroker63
2 replies, 3,201 views.
Last post 4-May-12 23:42 by atic
4-May-12 23:42
by  atic
Premium. Why?
Originated by Lil_Bunz
4 replies, 3,445 views.
Last post 9-Apr-12 15:53 by TexasCactus
9-Apr-12 15:53
by  TexasCactus
Premium is ...
Originated by girlgotcurves
0 replies, 2,642 views.
Last post 21-Feb-12 23:19 by girlgotcurves
21-Feb-12 23:19
by  girlgotcurves
Been here since I was 46soccerbutt
Originated by 1963sexybutt
3 replies, 3,439 views.
Last post 8-Jan-12 13:31 by UnsensoredDreams
8-Jan-12 13:31
by  UnsensoredDreams
I love NN
Originated by 69.deborah
0 replies, 3,049 views.
Last post 29-Nov-11 08:15 by 69.deborah
29-Nov-11 08:15
by  69.deborah
Originated by AXEMAN76
0 replies, 2,827 views.
Last post 17-Oct-11 09:12 by AXEMAN76
17-Oct-11 09:12
by  AXEMAN76
Best Year
Originated by BestBJgirl
2 replies, 3,356 views.
Last post 10-Oct-11 19:24 by Whispermyname
10-Oct-11 19:24
by  Whispermyname
likes it
Originated by ynottt
0 replies, 2,829 views.
Last post 13-Sep-11 18:53 by ynottt
13-Sep-11 18:53
by  ynottt
Premium Membership
Originated by Claire Monroe
1 replies, 3,054 views.
Last post 7-Aug-11 16:41 by Cazzomorto
7-Aug-11 16:41
by  Cazzomorto
Looky here
Originated by Josie Dirt
13 replies, 6,376 views.
Last post 29-Jul-11 00:22 by _forreal_
29-Jul-11 00:22
by  _forreal_
Why should you?
Originated by Shy_guy_84
0 replies, 3,114 views.
Last post 17-Jul-11 20:28 by Shy_guy_84
17-Jul-11 20:28
by  Shy_guy_84
Originated by fisher3d
0 replies, 2,769 views.
Last post 5-Jul-11 18:48 by fisher3d
5-Jul-11 18:48
by  fisher3d
Originated by sexibabeisbck
1 replies, 2,848 views.
Last post 4-Jul-11 20:45 by masterstoy91
4-Jul-11 20:45
by  masterstoy91
No regrets
Originated by dm2002
0 replies, 2,796 views.
Last post 3-Jun-11 02:23 by dm2002
3-Jun-11 02:23
by  dm2002
premium is awesome.
Originated by Team Sleep
0 replies, 2,879 views.
Last post 23-May-11 23:00 by Team Sleep
23-May-11 23:00
by  Team Sleep